A Taste of Home EP

The new 4 track EP from Mark ‘Fatt Max’ Hill, ‘A Taste of Home’ is a collection of brand new songs inspired by the sights, sounds and smells of growing up and leaving London town.

These songs were recorded during the early days of December 2020, rounding off a year that has been, well, a complete pain in the arse for the majority of folk. I hope these songs throw up a bit of humour and will give you a smile or a giggle.

This collection is FREE TO DOWNLOAD, all I ask that you donate whatever you can to the Breast Cancer Foundation of NZ.

But Wait, there’s more!!!

If you sign up to the mailing list you will receive a special bonus track, now that’s what I call Crimbo!!! Sign up on this here very page!!

The EP is free to download here

You can donate to the Breast Cancer Foundation here

If you have any troubles downloading the music then flick me an email at markhill@musician.org

Thanks for supporting music and the BCF

Mark ‘Fatt Max’ Hill – December 2020